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Anon, easier (cheaper) thats also the 0183 interface. The cable is a blue. Is connected to the NMEA in + X-5 port (arrow). Connect black wire from Garmin-741xs the ground power connection NMEA X 5 next to the other. We manufacture from ' you can connect with a cable adapter N2K STNG Ray, but he won better working ' and more expensive. Do I have this right for you? It ' all you have to do. If you want the N2K I need some additional information. If you want to contact me, my email in my profile. Bill, I thank you for your work and your efforts help you resolve this problem. You deserve a gold star names. I marine technology, in fact not only said things that had installed to install things finally got in a type of Ray. He said with a connector cable bare wire is a Garmin and Ray and close the cable and color shields. Garmin power cable directly to the unit, Ray 741, eats your spinal column. Plug had released Garmin 12 volt NEMA 183, but it is a completely separate cable. Hook this weekend and see if I can follow a fire to start or quiet Hi-Fi to a waypoint. Keep already displayed.Joe. Here is the final chapter in the saga of the Garmin GPS Ray marine autopilot. Coil to accelerate everything, I change only an autopilot of tiller pilot wheel 15-year-old and a plotter of old, are a popular waypoint similar Garmin which were interconnected with GPS-183-NEMA connection defined for the autopilot. Tiller pilots died last year, and this spring was next generation replaced driver who would not accept an old NEMA record 183-GPS signal through an automatic development marine Ray. I then replaced the old GPS/plotter with a new Garmin-741-plotter, but I had always good to know a problem, how to connect the two different brands of discs can therefore communicate. I really want GPS to benchmarks, autopilot, and I tease me, which other few tried to play these two man nicely with each other. Some people have suggested, would not have worked, others indicated a bad connection could probably offer as one unit or two and most commonly was that Ray Garmin spoke different versions of NEMA, 2000, are not easy therefore ’ hope it works well. Not much support, even a search on all blogs on electronics offer calls to Garmin and Ray marine. Finally once again Ray marine call and ask, a high level-support-guru speak. Fortunately, the type phone Ray was attempting to solve the problem before you send my channel. His advice was so easy it was almost embarrassing, simple and elegant. (Note-Ray or Garmin make a cable that is integrated in the team ’.) He told me to buy a cable with connectors for N2K and do the same for your Garmin device. Their respective plugs fit not his competitor ’ unit, cut the plug for cables and wires only, red with red, black with black, blue with blue and white. Connect also shields as well as possible. It is not very complex, but exactly what he has by some experts was discouraged. Guy Ray also has indicated that most supported and probably never really connect the phone only talks about things, that was the case. An automatic crossing point after the link to the color, everything works, and I can go to now. On the other side of the comment by Ray from different manufacturers, different versions of NEMA discuss 2000 was when were N2K incompatible language protocols that not can post it as a unit of plywood N2K. In any case thank you for the Council, your blog has helped the day save. Happy browsing, Joe Ann & Victoria. Purchased and installed a new A200, my autopilot 23 ' Everglades with 250hp Yamaha. I can just make it to work properly. Ive just an update of the software and I ' I'll try again, but these are symptoms. Right engine fast forward and backward like a dog with its tail wag 1 custom line2 revolutions. 3 no waypoint. Thick, a Lotany includes ideas. I love this system. It was very easy to install. A at least connections and worked out of the box. The boat was in the Bay and into the straight like an arrow of thirty knots was the first splashed. Turn you in circles and no other changes necessary were not. Single point of answer. I was one of the three judges, who awarded the 2013 NMEA autopilot technology. My experiences with installing and using this system on my decision. The development Commission Autopilot Activation Email of the autopilot, from the point of view of the DIY is without a doubt the easiest installation. practically everything is plug & play and this Kit (# T - 70157 part) NET all plumbing is included in this package. One way to do this is a speed of 20 knots, travelling on a waypoint to put that boat avert the waypoint about 45 degrees, then turn off the autopilot. The boat moves to intercept the course line. As aggressive or gentle tour depends in part that this parameter. Test this first slower speed, to sell autopilot Kit once again. Only $350, Assembly required. Jack Edwards, a framework for generator (like in texture), mechanical engineer and mine. Install the hydraulic pumps/steering type 1, part of next installation may be more difficult. What kind of a whistle? What kind of a whistle? What kind of connections. I have ', I always have automatic driver installation 100 and its pump made. Where to put. Cases in the system. Each ship has different dimensions/tubes and accessories. ,,.